and are a SCAM!

I am making this blog to warn people against infecting their computers with Virus, Adware and Spyware bundled with the Finally Fast software being distributed by and on television commercials.

They are also a scam using sneaky marketing tricks to snatch funds from peoples credit cards. The Finally Fast software program offers to speed up your computer, it doesn’t do that it simply infects your PC. Firstly see the screen shot from McAffee SiteAdvisor, one of the world most trusted anti-virus companies:

finally-fast-mcafee is owned and operated by who have a horrible reputation online, so no doubt the launch of the new Finally Fast domain and software was done to attempt a “fresh start” under a new identity not directly attached to the negativity of Ascentive.

The download offered for download on is named SpeedScan_setup.exe and is identified as malicious by virus scanners such as NOD32 who have even made a virus definition after Ascentive.


Below are some of the comments of users of this Malware, and people who have dealt with the FinallyFast or Ascentive company:

The company that owns this site is known as a Malware company.


I went to this site after seeing an ad on TV. I installed the program and when it told me I had 207 registry errors I was skeptical. After searching google I realized this was a scam. I quickly uninstalled it and ran a virus and spyware check.
When uninstalling there is a tick box where you have to tick it otherwise the program will reinstall itself automatically whenever you restart your computer.
I think it is disgraceful of TV companies to screen the advert on TV.
I can’t help thinking a lot of people will think this program is ligit just because it is advertised on TV and will end up paying them money for a useless and possibly harmful program.

Wow, just wow, this site is filled with Malware, viruses, adware, spyware, and more. The commercial was somewhat shady, so I got on to check it out, and from what I read here its a total hoax, now, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t advertised on TV, I am pretty sure thats false advertising, which is illegal right?

this site has 367 viruses 243 spyware/advare according to my download test

how are they able to run commercials with such bad downloads

stay away from this site very bad

These were posted to the McAfee Virus Scan results page for along with the first screen shot.

Also other comments from people on sites like, one of the internets top tech websites.

I never heard of Ascentive until it popped up on my computer.Did all I know and it still pops up.It has to be spyware or a virus. Anyhow, it sucks and I would like to see them prosecuted!

I too like others on this sight have been bamboozled by Ascentive Software. I decided to take their free trial offer but after the download my computer started having problems some programs wouldn’t work right and others would not install so I contacted my Dell Support technician and we did a compressive analyses on line and discovered a windows registry corruption that I believe happened when downloading Ascentive’s PC SpeedScan Pro. The only solution was to reload Windows XP which reformatted my hard drive. I lost everything it has taken me several weeks to recover and reinstall the programs. The last thing on my mine was Ascentive Software until my credit card bill came. I imedaly tried to call the number listed on the credit card bill but they do not answer the phone. There is a voice mail message saying to log onto their web page. I did and filled out there cancelation form. Their reply was. The refund period warranty for your order has expired. My warning to anyone thinking about doing business with Ascentive Software is DON’T.

I ordered it a few month’s ago and have had nothing but problems. I pay extra for super high speed internet which used to run @ 1200kbs and after downloading Acentive Active Speed has slowed it down to 3000kbs. I have tried doing as they had recommended and not uses intelligent mode and do the quick one, and is slower than ever. Can’t get any cooperation from support, so I wasted almost $50.00 on pure junk, and have since removed it from my system, but now can’t get over 6000kbs, I will have to do a complete re-install of Windows now to clean up the crap it has left behind! Don’t waste your money on this junk!

A thug is a lot better than Ascentive
If a thug robs you you still have a hop that police will catch him and return your money. But Ascentive people are hardcore criminals. No chance of your money coming back! If you see a Thug, a rapist, a serial killer, and and Ascentive guy, first shoot Ascentive guy, rest are humans you have a chance of escaping them.

NEVER EVER download anything from these sorry bastards. You will spend HOURS and HOURS removing all the crap they embed. They should be legally prosecuted!!!!

What is needed is a formal compaint to the FBI, since there is most likely an outof state person who has been dudded then it is a federal crime, and they need to go down.

Too much of this deceit and fraud is going on, Why rob a corner store where you might get bashed by the owner when you can rob and rip-off people via the internet.

It is time for decent honest people to take a stand.

Maybe if we did some good old values might return.

Before long the major banks and credit card suppliers will worm there way out of covering these sort of abuses.

In Australia most of the major banks are sending all their call centres to India or the Phillipines why because they have to look after the shareholders!

If we dont collectively act soon we will loose our rights to be covered for fraud, Yes FRAUD is whet it is.

The list of horrible experiences with this company goes on and on at CNET, you can read more here also has a piece of this aka Acentive company, comments below and source here:

Ascentive Software Company ( Software: ActiveSpeed Software did not live up to claims: my dial-up speed did not improve and actually caused other problems on my computer Website states that there is a 30-day money back guarantee of this software. I told them I was not satisfied within 16 days and they refused to refund my money. Do not buy from this company. Lynda

Followed by…

yeah they ripped me off too, the pcscan pro thing. they double charged my card. i cancelled the very next day, but they emailed me and said the only money refunded was the one charge, i said, what bout the 2nd charge aholes!

i also filed a report with the BBB against them to get my money back.

I don’t know how you and 3 others like you get on my computer and keep poping up everytime I try to do something.


You WILL me with instructions on how to delete you.

I will hear from you very soon, unless you want to be reported along with the rest.

I agree. I ordered the software and it totally froze my computer. I am contacting my credit card company to NOT pay.

I ordered ascentve and it made things alot worse. I had to reformat my computer and lost a pile of information. I emailed thecompany and received no reply. This company is a scam and is being advertised on tv. Somebody should contact the brodscasters.

A comment on Answers:

Q: Anyone tried the “” website by ascentive software? Does it really work or is it a scam?

A: Watch out! These crooks have spun a “consumer trap” of hidden costs they don’t divulge when ordering! I fell prey and had to cancel my card to get the billing to stop. My credit card company is filing a fraud dispute against them to try and recoup my losses. As well, they retain your personal info and spam your desktop and email account with unwanted junk. Save yourself the headache and don’t bother or read all the very fine print and be prepared to fight.

Another one, source here and comment below:

Ascentive software

We run a business and spam emails are automatically deleted by staff.

By chance I read an invoice letter for something we never needed ordered or used – Ascentive Software. We have been invoiced by this foreign company over the internet and my card debited month after month by these people.

I tried to complain, they publish an overseas telephone number, but no email adress. They have a very prolonged and complicated route to cancel their service, which insists on adding some sentence starting with

” I (then my personal name) then follows a legal disclaimer for them!

If you don’t approve the sending of that false statement in your own name, the software won’t transmit the email.

This is forcing me to agree to make a statement against my will, under duress, which is against the law here in England.

I have asked for their adress for the serving of legal papers and disowned any additions falsely added by their software under my own typed words.

I’ll post again if there is a reply wether for good or ill.

If you are out there Ascentive Software and have any self respect, post some sort of answer to this.

The internet is filled with horror stories like the above, how cam these cons get away with flogging this Adware in disguise? As far as i’m concerned, these broadcast companies allowing these ads to run should be held fully responsible for damages to peoples computers. They have been informed but continue to run the commercials, and help this scam propagate.